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Knowledge Mobilization

From research to impact

Sentinel North teams are committed to transforming the knowledge generated within their projects into active use for the common good of society. Sharing results with knowledge users, including stakeholders, decision-makers and community members, ensures that research translates into real and lasting impacts.

Selected knowledge mobilization initiatives

Une carte interactive sur la justice au Nunavik Sentinelle Nord

amira aker réunion scientifique sentinelle nord PFAS

normand voyer TED sentinelle nord

Saimatsianiq: an interactive map of justice in Nunavik

flèche bleue sentinelle nord

Towards regulation of 'forever chemicals'

flèche bleue sentinelle nord

Concrete benefits for society hidden in the North's chemical diversity

flèche bleue sentinelle nord

rachel guindon sentinelle nord


Revealing more about the musk ox by spinning its undercoat

flèche bleue sentinelle nord



For further information, please contact

Pascale Ropars

Knowledge Mobilization Broker
418 656-2131, ext. 409366